Zinabu's Track and Field Day
Yesterday was Zinabu's track and field day. Lily's is today. They split the kids between upper elementary and lower elementary so they have lots of time to do all the events. This is one of the best days of the year for my kids because they love ditching their schoolwork and running around. We were a little frazzled getting out of the house yesterday, and my arms were full of extra sweatshirts and coffee and papers, so I left the camera sitting on the kitchen table.

Nice one.

So without further ado, I give you Zinabu's track and field day.
Here is Zinabu running the 50 meter dash.
That Ethiopian DNA makes him fast!

Oh look! Here's Zinabu at the giant parachute.
Don't you love the way he's laughing with his friends?

Zinabu and Sadie doing the sack race. I hope he
marries Sadie when they grow up. She is the sweetest little
thing. Aren't they darling?

Now this one is my favorite. All the kids trying to get
marbles out of the buckets of water with their feet.
Zinabu and his classmates, grinning and playing.


hotflawedmama said...

ok now that's just hilarious.

I'm sending you the bill for getting my keyboard cleaned since I just spit out my coffee.

jayme said...
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jayme said...

Have you considered professional photography as a career path?

Christina said...

Huh. The other ladies are way quicker on the uptake. My thought process:

Bummer she forgot her camera.
Oh, she must have used her cell phone!
Doh. Wonder if she realizes her cell phone had trouble uploading.
Huh, another one, too.
Wait a minute...

Nothing like being the sharpest crayon in the box after a really long day of, "Want to do somefing fun!"

Julie said...


Vivi said...

Hmmm...maybe I should have waited a littler later in the day to read your blog. I studied the black "photos" a little too long before realizing I'd been punk'd.

Heather said...

you're HILARIOUS. fabulous mental images, darling.