Recently Overheard

Zinabu's teacher relayed this story to me. I shared it on Facebook, but in case you missed it (you know, since Facebook should not be the way people share stories anyway. I'm still trying to figure out what Facebook is really good for). Zinabu's teacher asked the kids during the first week of school to get to know one another. She told them to turn to the person sitting next to them and share something about themselves that the other person wouldn't know. Perhaps a talent or a favorite hobby, or even a fact about their family. Something they wouldn't know by just looking at each other. Zinabu, in all seriousness, turned to the kid next to him and said, "I'm brown."


AnnMarie & Nick said...

LOL, that is a FUNNY story:)

Vivi said...

Hmmm...something along the lines of a stage fright? Writers block? That boy missed a chance to unload something really creative out of the ridiculously imaginative mind of his.

On the other hand, any chance he just doesn't even think about his color at all and figures no one else does either? So he decided he'd let the other kid know in case they hadn't noticed?