Our Weekend

Long run on Saturday morning. My trusty water bottle and ipod.
Grocery shopping, with help from Zinabu.
His big request at the grocery store. His own lemon to eat.
Enough said.
At our friend's cabin. Lily pushes Bailey in the hammock.
Dear friends.
Kids playing in the woods. They were all in heaven.
Me with Lily's best friend, Bailey.
Kids fishing.
Me and my love.


rebekah said...

Are those Sauconys? I have that same water bottle. too.

Fun weekend. Love the scenery, with the exception of the laundry. That I can see in my own house.

Vivi said...

Look at you with all your fun pics! And you must be running again if you got a long one in (or maybe you didn't ever really stopped...for a while there, it sounded like you'd backed off a bit). Anyways, good for you. Love all the awesome pics. The getaway looks awesome.