A Note From My Mom, Examined

Even though we live with mom, we're usually passing each other throughout the day. We've invented this hi-tech system of keeping tabs on one another. It's called "paper and pen." My notes to her usually read something like, "Sorry the breakfast dishes are in the sink. I'll clean them when I get back." or "Sorry the kids woke you up while they were dancing." Her notes to me are adorable. Case in point:

a,) I am a grown woman, but she cannot write a note to me without smiley faces.
b.) She always, always, plays with the dog. Even though she doesn't have to. She loves him.
c.) She tells me where she's going so I'm not worried.
d.) She says, "hee hee." So cute.
e.) Cannot resist drawing a heart when she signs "Mom."

It's hard to guess my age based on this note. She keeps me young!


Sarah said...

I love that she ate birthday cake for breakfast.

I don't know that a lot of families could live together with the ease that you guys seem to. Though I do think we'll see more and more of these kind of family units as we live longer. I wonder what our family unit might look like in 10 years (or less)?

hotflawedmama said...

Love every bit of this.

Vivi said...

Ditto hotflawedmama exactly.

jayme said...

I figured your mom had to be pretty special to raise a daughter as remarkable as you, but this is proof positive! I especially love the birthday cake for breakfast!

Mama Papaya said...

This makes me smile.