When David is gone, we all feel his absence. Especially at bedtime. Silly us... we started the tradition of reading aloud to our kids at night when they were babies. You know, the crazy dream of spending more time with them. Fast forward 12 years and we still read aloud to them, one at a time, at night. When David is gone and it's just me, it's a little zany. It takes forever to get those kids read to. I've considered scrapping it. But then I feel guilty. And guilt is just mother nature's way of telling you what to do as a mom.

But when David is around, he is full-on dad. And the kids soak him up. It's hard that his job takes him away from us often, but he is so good about doing as much as he can with the kids when he's available. (Like a 7 mile mountain hike with Lily yesterday.)

Can you tell Zinabu is particularly fond of him?


Vivi said...

Such a sweet picture...just a boy with his dad.

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

That is an absolutely beautiful picture!!!

Anonymous said...

What I liked was the testimony that he is a wonderful dad... Dads are enormously important in the lives of their children and it makes me proud to know my uncle is a good one!