I Feel Like We Won The Lottery

I can hardly believe it!!! I had to pinch myself when they made the announcement today. Our school district is getting some of its vegetables locally, from a CSA? Are you freaking kidding me? They've banned chicken nuggets and "breaded" foods? They're serving organic, baked chicken?

I had to look around me to make sure I was in the right place, because let me tell you that our school district is not rolling in cash right now. We also have a high percentage of kids on free or reduced lunch. We're tough as nails, thank you very much, but I wasn't expecting this.

I am overjoyed. I am so proud of our Director of Food Services. Seriously. I will probably drive down to his office right after I post this and give him a giant kiss. (So what if I get arrested?) It's been coming on slowly over the last two years. Our director has been making subtle changes, not wanting to rock the boat, working to have small victories here and there to prove that it is worth it to care about what you eat. I know he's a huge fan of Michael Pollan (and you should be too) and he's been easing the schools in our district to a better meal plan.

You probably think I'm going overboard here, but you have no idea how important this is to me. And what's funny is that the only kid in my family who likes school lunch is Zinabu, and that's just occasionally. But when I think of all the kids who go to school and can eat carrots that were picked last week from just down the road, I could cry with joy. I feel like we just won the lottery!


Mama Papaya said...

Mouth agape. Wow!!

rebekah said...

That is winning the lottery!

There was a school for kids with 'issues' north of here a bit that won a two year grant to improve their meals. They did and the kids' behavior turned around. During the grant time, their kids had no more situations than a normal high school.

This is a small part of many parts of why we are forking over money for our kids to go to private Montessori. No one is handing out candy every single day, or ever, or feeding them the bottom of the bucket for lunch.

Which is what schools get for food - the bottom of the bucket.

Old Men Reflect said...

I disagree. There is no joy without tots, tamale pie, grease nuggets, pasta with government cheese and white bread. How do we expect to sell super sized clothes without the fuel to do so?

Next thing you know, they will take soda pop machines out of the school.

jayme said...

so, so so awesome!

Vivi said...

I am SOOOO jealous. Banany will do hot lunch this year as a first grader, of course, and I hate the menus. Full. of. crap.

Kudos to your school and the people who made that happen. Make that two kisses for the big fella. :)

You're right. That's as good as the lottery.