Another School Year

School started last Wednesday and it was fantastic. Lily and Z are still at their elementary school, and Carver has "moved up" to middle school. They were excited to meet their teachers, meet new friends, greet the old friends, and use their new lunch boxes and backpacks. I love the first day of school mostly because they all wake up early and on their own make their beds and brush their teeth without being reminded. It's the only day of the year that happens, so I pour myself a second cup of coffee and enjoy it. Carver is liking middle school. Likes changing classes and having a locker and having some extra curricular classes. After orchestra he has shop class (which in today's era is called "industry basics"). Middle school is wonderful because it is still very sheltered and structured. Carver actually spends most of his morning with two teachers in two classrooms. His english and history classes are with one teacher in one classroom. His math and science classes are with one teacher in another classroom. He switches throughout the morning, but he has two teachers who will know him well. He also is in the same classes with the same kids through the morning, so he won't always feel like a stranger. I hope that it continues to go well, that he makes some good buddies soon, and that he continues to excel.

And this is what my kids look like the other 99.9% of the time.


Bridget said...

Happy back-to-school to you all. Your kids are so good-looking! Silly faces and all! I hope to see you someday, soon?!

hotflawedmama said...

Heehee, love the last picture. Love seeing kids so excited about school!

Stacy said...

love the "real" photo of the kids. So cute. Glad Carver is liking middle school, hope it continues to be kind and sheltered for him.

Mike said...

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