Almost a Middle-Schooler

Yesterday I took Carver to his middle school for registration. For 6th graders they do a really good job of easing them into their new school, and there are a few small activities planned to help them learn the ropes. I'm long past the point of freaking out about middle school. That happens the entire year your child is in 5th grade. Now I'm ready for him to start and I want him to begin experiencing all the fun stuff. That's the good thing about time. You can't stop it, so you learn to just roll with it.

It's possible I've lost a small part of my brain this week. There's a lot to remember, and I'm failing. I keep leaving important pieces of paper on the kitchen counter while we dash off to places where I need those pieces of paper. Examples are (but not limited to): school supply lists, immunization records, and grocery store lists.

The laundry is piled to my ears. The dishwasher broke. ________! (insert whatever naughty word you want right here because if you're going to use naughty words, this is the perfect time.)
The kids are ready to go back to school but school doesn't start for another week and a half. We've done every summer activity you can do, times 5. We're done. And that's saying something because summer is my most favorite time of year.

Yesterday I was in the shower when my brother (the police officer) stopped by for a quick visit. All the doors were unlocked (one might have been wide open but you didn't hear that from me) and after he rang the doorbell my children just let him in without asking, "Who's there?" And that led to him lecturing me on the importance of safety/children/locked doors. Let me tell you, there's nothing like a lecture from your little brother to really get your day going.

On the upside, there's not much planned these days and I'm staying in my pajamas well past an acceptable time. I'll take whatever I can get.

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