The dog got sprayed by a skunk.
Right under our bedroom window--which was open.
It's a toss up about what smells worse: the dog or our bedroom.

Somehow this was not on my to-do list today.


Vivi said...

Oh icky! For some reason, I've had many dreams lately about trying to avoid getting sprayed by a skunk! And you're livin' my dreams, girl.

I remember my sister's hilarious story about trying to wash their cat in tomato juice after it got sprayed.

Not funny to you now, but I do look forward to your clean up stories.

Mark and Sarah said...

Oh cathy,
My boys would be completely enamored by your situation. They love stories about skunks. I am sorry for your stinky problem. Hoping there is a speedy and easy solution for you and your dog (Buddy?).

Old Men Reflect said...

Kind of like having an encounter with Sarah Palin.

Stacy said...

who is old men reflect??? I love whoever wrote that. Sorry for your skunk.

jayme said...

Yuck! Roscoe got sprayed shortly after we moved in here. It was the middle of the night, and Jon let him outside in a groggy half-asleep state. He was totally convinced that the horrific odor was a gas leak, to the point where I think he actually called the gas company to come investigate. We cancelled that call when I realized the stink was emanating from the dog. Sadly, the stench had totally permeated the house by that point. It was awful.

I hope you've found a solution. I hear the tomato juice thing doesn't really work so well...