How cute is this picture? Lily had just turned 4. She looks so tiny! This was our trip to Disneyland 4 years ago. And we drove. Do you know there is nothing (and I am not exaggerating) between where we live and Los Angeles? We drove through 2 days of desert. We've been saving a long time for this next trip so that we could fly, and Zinabu is fairly happy that he finally gets to go to California, see the Pacific Ocean, run in the sand, go to Disneyland, etc. You know me and flying, right? I won't bore you with my phobias, but rest assured I am stocked up on drugs so that I can get on the plane in 8 days. I told the kids, "Flying makes me sleepy so I may not be able to talk much on the plane." That's just a nice way of saying, "Mommy will be flying high in more ways than you can imagine."

We expect to hear something about David's job today or tomorrow. We will both be happy when this is over. The interview process has been grueling. He's exhausted from the process, and I'm exhausted from everything. Thanks for all your sweet support. I'll post as soon as I know something.


Mark and Sarah said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah...I'm sure every moment between now and when you find out, will be eternity. I know because I'm waiting for some news too :-)

I was wondering about you and flying! Glad to know there are alternatives to make it possible! Gosh, you are going to have a ball in CA...your kids are the perfect age to be totally into all the rides and fanfare at Disney, and then the beach in March? Nice.

Courtney O. said...

we're off to san diego around the same time... but driving :) have fun!

Vivi said...

Maybe you can distract yourself from stressing about David's interview by thinking about the plane trip. Oh wait, maybe you could distract yourself from the plane trip by thinking about David's interview.

Oh nevermind. Go get a good cup of coffee. With a lil' somethin' somethin' in it.

Chatter said...

Between you and Sarah I'm going to lose my mind.... checking your blogs constantly (aaaccck).

The trip sounds very, very fun! We are overdue for some family time. We have 3 camping trip planned but none alone. I think I'll start planning a nice, quiet getaway! So excited for you all!