As of Today:

David has his FINAL interview.

10 more days till we leave for California.

I am excruciatingly tired of winter.

Zinabu is growing teeth like a shark. His permanent teeth are growing in behind his baby teeth. Baby teeth are not falling out and this just means more gigantic orthodontist bills for David and me.

I need to do our taxes but will probably put it off another week.

I need to start running again. I am woefully out of shape.

How about you?


Melodie Monberg said...

Will pray for today....

Feel your pain with the dentist. We are heading that way in the next 6 months with Caroline...

Wish I was going to CA...ENJOY that warm weather soon...

Wish the colorado I knew and loved a few years ago would reappear and we would actually see the sun!

Have a good day!

Chatter said...

Taxes here as well. I told myself I HAD to finish them today. We'll see if I actually follow through.

Chatter said...

Just checking in with well wishes on the interview! I hope David gets the news he's hoping for very, very soon!! Best wishes :)