Before A Trip

This is me as I'm packing for a trip in which flying on a plane is a necessity:
"Did I pack my pills? Underwear, toothbrush. Did I pack my pills? Shorts, lotion. Did I pack my pills? Pills? Pills?

And of course I did, but I become obsessive-compulsive about it. So my children may or may not have anything to wear, but by golly I'll have my pills.

I didn't used to be this way. Help me feel better about my weakness. Please share your phobias!


Deirdre said...

Even the strongest women have their fears. Good for you for getting some help and going on with your life—my mom took a train from New Jersey to California for her brother's funeral just to avoid flying. Of course, her fear of pharmaceuticals was just as intense as her fear of planes.

My fears/debilitating aversions: rats (I hate to even type the word), stairs I can see through, the sound of cardboard coming into contact with just about anything else … oh, and conflict.

This past summer, when my business partnership went up in flames, I had to get a prescription for anti-anxiety meds. Good stuff, and it got me through a very rough time. No shame in that, right?

You'll do great on the plane, though. Just take your pills (did you remember to pack them??), and look at all the pretty fluffy clouds. Have fun on your trip!!

jayme said...

I've always loved flying, but I traveled a lot as a kid, so I never really had an opportunity to develop any fear of it. That said, you will be fine. It's a short flight, and you can drift off into a medicated stupor and then wake up in California!

My fears: tap water (first because I saw an "art" exhibit of a completely closed system that showed what new york city tap water looked like 2 weeks after filling a fish tank... and secondly because of the recent revelation that there's all sorts of medication that isn't (or can't) be screened out of drinking water.)

Also: train tracks. and school buses. Particularly when the two of them are together. When I was in high school, a bus full of children from 2 towns over stopped on the train tracks. The train came and 7 teenagers died.

uhm, yeah. So have an amazing trip!

Vivi said...

Unattached hair.

The outside of an escalator (when there's some significant height).

Needles. Needles. Needles.

rebekah said...

I used to be awful on airplanes. As a matter of fact, my nightmare dreams always had to do with airplane crashes. The strangest thing happened over time, as I grew up and older. The dreams started resolving themselves without the plane crashing to the point where the last few I had were me saving people from a plane crash.

I still uncross my legs during landing though. I've got to sit forward and grit through the landing.

Still a phobia? Heights.

Stacy said...

racoons. it's awful. I LOVE camping, LOVE IT. We go all the time. Once (before Lucy) i ended up leaping from tent to table to car and sitting in my car all night becasue of a racoon. I am better now but will still "hold it til morning" unless it's past the point of just causing tears in order to avoid maybe seeing a racoon. OH and if i hear racoons outside the tent (or any rustling) i have to situate myself as far away from tent walls as possible. I'd rather see a bear then a racoon.

Old Men Reflect said...

I fear, fear.

Courtney O. said...

sharks. But I'll be diving down in a cage to see them in September...I mUST be crazy!

Anne said...

You know me. I feel your pain. I have learned to cope using sheer determination, and when possible, flying with two toddlers. There is absolutely no opportunity to be afraid when you're juggling pipe cleaners and travel bingo with lollipops stuck in your nostrils. :)

Hope you're having a wonderful time. It was lovely there last week!