Here's How It All Went Down

*zinabu is, as usual, talking in this photo.

It took them long enough, but in the end they chose David to be the principal. He went through an unbelievable amount of interviews. Hours and hours worth. With the students. With the parents. With the staff. With the executives of the district. With human resources. With the superintendent. It almost makes your head hurt. The school district we live in was actually hiring principals for two different high schools, but David applied only for the school he currently works at. He didn't want to be a principal. He wanted to be a principal at the school he loves and is already invested in. So when he finished his final interview with the superintendent and associate superintendent (last Wednesday), they told him they'd have a decision made by Friday (8 days ago). Thursday came and went. Friday came and went. The weekend came and went. We were frantic because we assumed the worst: they offered the job to another candidate and would give David the bad news when it was all final. Monday came and went. Tuesday... and we were having heart palpitations and were becoming increasingly angry. Did they not know what they were putting our family through? Didn't they know we were in a giant information void. And then the word got out that the superintendent didn't like any of the candidates that had applied for the other high school and they were going to re post that position and start all over. David freaked. Was the same true for his school? And then, finally, he got a phone call. Could he meet with the superintendent one more time? We truly and honestly believed that the superintendent was going to tell him to apply for the other school. We assumed that David would get a pat on the back and "be encouraged" to keep trying. So David went into that meeting hoping for the best but expecting the worst. The superintendent asked David a few more questions, and then told David that he knew all along he wanted to offer him the job of principal at his school. The job was his. David was the best candidate. David was phenomenal. He was utterly impressed and confident in David. It just took longer to let David know because of all the work they were doing with the position at the other high school.

It was a great day!

Although we would have loved to have known all this last week, we're thrilled that the decision has been made, the school board voted and approved David last night, and it is now public knowledge. Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments, emails, thoughts, and prayers. Not knowing our future was rough. Not knowing if David would suffer a blowing disappointment was rougher. And the thought of the person I love most in this world not getting what he so desperately wanted and was made for was hard to even fathom.

Just to add some drama to our otherwise boring week (ha!) Zinabu came down with a wicked stomach flu yesterday. The second time in two weeks. It was bad. My poor, poor baby. All I can do is hope that it was an isolated case and no one else comes down with it before we leave for California in 48 hours. Also, there is a huge blizzard coming, and we're trying to decide if we get to a hotel by the airport the night before our flight--just in case.

We lead such quiet lives.


Mark and Sarah said...

What a proud moment. There are few things greater than your husband being acknowledged for who he is. Way to go David (and Cathy, for all you do to allow him to do what he does!!)

Julie said...

Yay Yay Yayyyyy!!!!

rebekah said...

I love this world. I love that I sit here barely knowing you guys but feeling actual pride in my chest for your awesome husband!

Deepest, warmest congratulations!

hotflawedmama said...

I second Rebekah's sentiments! So happy for your family.

Christina said...

Woohoo! Congratulations David! Given how awesome your kiddos are, those are some lucky high school students.

Vivi said...

I'm a tiny bit embarassed to admit this, but I'll tell you anyways. I got teary reading your post. I love how proud and supportive you are of David. Clearly behind every good man is a good woman. Congrats to you BOTH. Stay healthy and enjoy your CA trip!