I feel so blessed that we had a fantastic weekend together as a family. I'm still fighting off some kind of crud, but the weather was so beautiful I just couldn't stay inside. On Saturday we drove to Denver to visit the zoo and to meet someone that we contacted through craigslist. More on that in a bit.

In the reptile building. Very cool--especially the vampire bats, which my kids thought were great.

No trip to the zoo would be complete without standing around for 15 minutes looking for the elusive tiger, who is always asleep in the shade out of sight.

Swimming polar bears.

My mom came with us and treated us to lunch (she's the best!). On this tray you will see what she and David ordered: foot long sausages. My mom is the size of a bird, but as she said to me, "I'm really hungry." She and David packed them away with no problem... they even finished at the same time. Can you see why David likes her so much? I just watched in awe.

Carver had some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, and he'd done some extensive research on Freeboards. They look like a large skateboard, but they have 6 wheels and mimic a snowboard. You can carve down a hill and turn 360 degrees. They're crazy expensive, not to mention hard to find. Not many people own them or even try them. We found a college student in Boulder who wanted to sell his, so he met us in Denver (at the zoo) and Carver bought his very own Freeboard. Carver is actually very good already, which surprised us because we were told it takes a long time to learn how to master it. Too bad it's not a sport you can do in high school, because he's got some real talent.

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