Carver is eleven. His birthday was yesterday, but I am only now able to say the number aloud. Eleven. More than a decade. Two years away from 13. I don't swear, but if I did, this would be the perfect time. Your oldest child turning 11 deserves some kind of expletive because I am not ready.
He is, of course, completely over the moon about being a year older. He's got birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, he's got a big party tonight with friends, and he thinks he's the next big thing now that he's no longer 10.
He shares his birthday with an incredible man. The world is a better place for Carver to grow up in because of this man's work. (Check out The Carter Center in my sidebar links.) Two Georgia boys celebrating another year older on October 1.


jayme said...

Happy Birthday Carver! I cannot believe he is 11. Cathy, you are far too young to have a pre-teen!

Vivi said...

Happy belated Bday Carver! I look forward to reading all about your 11-year-old adventures!