Strange, But True
What follows may just be my strangest post to date. Every day I make the kids their lunches. None of them are real big on school lunch (well, except Zinabu who will eat anything) but if I pack their lunches at least I know--for the most part--what they're consuming. Except for the time I was helping out in the lunchroom and I saw from across the cafeteria Carver trading his organic-whole-wheat-super-expensive graham crackers for a Ho-Ho. But that's not the point. For as long as I can remember I've sometimes cut their sandwiches with cookie cutters, so they can eat their food in the shape of a heart, or a star, or whatever. I recently found this contraption.

It cuts the sandwich in a perfect circle, then you press the button and it crimps the edges so the jelly (or whatever is in between the bread) stays inside. It's actually very cool.

Perfect circle.

Perfect sandwich.

Round, slightly domed, a masterpiece. Except they remind me of something. Oh yeah... nursing pads. The kind nursing mothers stick in their bras to stop leakage.

So every day I send my kids to school with nursing pad-shaped sandwiches.
I'm such a good mom.


AnnMarie & Nick said...

LOL, I own that same "sandwich cutter" and can honestly say I've never used. I will forever think of a nursing pad when I see the cutter, thanks:)

hotflawedmama said...

holy.cow. that is hilarious because it's true. I had that exact same thing but it wasn't edible or good looking. So seriously, where did you get that little contraption?

cathy said...

it's a pampered chef product. i had never bought anything before but got suckered in through a fundraiser.

Vivi said...

I think you're onto something...edible nursing pads...oh wait, that's sick.

Old Men Reflect said...

Always send your kids to school with tradeable eats.

Think about nutrition this way: Identical twins grew up - one ate nothing but meat and vegetables, the other potatoes and candy. Never varied more than 1/4 lb. in weight or 1/4 " height from each other until they started drinking beer at different rates in college.

Ho Ho's and Twinkies are a very good food group.

You know these people well. Both at 7% body fat or less all their lives.

Mama Papaya said...

I see an eco nursing pad revolution!

rebekah said...

Oh my! Yes, nursing pads. I have a bunch in the attic. Probably should just throw them away now.