In defense of all the stay-at-home moms that find themselves in questionable attire from time to time, I feel the need to explain. For example, I am at this moment wearing exercise pants (grey and stretchy) a light blue running shirt, red hoodie sweatshirt, brown down vest, and sheepskin boots. No small feat, I assure you. I threw my workout clothes on when I got up because I went to the Y after dropping the kids off at school. The hoodie went over the clothes to keep me warm. Turn out it was colder than I expected this morning and while pumping gas I added the down vest I had in my car for extra warmth. Ran an errand and came home with wet tennis shoes. Took those off at the door and slipped on the boots. Haven't changed yet. Now I do admit I have my standards. I will NOT drop off or pick up the kids at school wearing pajamas. That is a big no-no. But cropped stretch pants and sheepskin boots? Heck yeah!


Mark and Sarah said...

Ain't no thang, Cathy. You look like a hot mama. I've worn worse, believe me!

Vivi said...

I find my standards slip just a little more each year. I'm now at "well, if they're CUTE pajamas, I think I can wear them" stage. I'm thankful when I see moms like you. :)