David and I successfully enjoyed a getaway to Denver this weekend. Chalk one up to marriage enrichment! Although David had to finish an enormous project and he spent most of the time working, I was able to be with him and relax and not cook, clean, or wipe noses. Really, my definition of relaxing has deteriorated, but that is neither here nor there. We stayed at a very funny hotel--its theme is pop culture, so the lobby and restaurant are very modern and streamlined. Each floor, though, has its own theme, and we were on the "Big Hair" floor.

Yes, the Big Hair floor, so it was decorated with pictures like this. As David and I have wicked senses of humor, we loved it.

We strolled around Denver when we could, because it was 65 degrees and lovely. We went to the train station to get some information for a train trip David and Carver want to take together in a few months. The building is impressive and inside it has the old wooden benches that you just imagine sitting down on and taking a midnight train somewhere.

One of our best meals was at a Mexican restaurant where I got enchiladas with spinach and blue corn tortillas. Here me now: it was so amazing! Just seeing the photo again makes me groan and salivate.
Coming home was hard, but of course I missed my sweet kids, their hugs and kisses, and their ferocious love for me. They express it so much more after I've been gone for a day or two. And I would not have been anywhere else in the world today, but with my children... watching history.
And seeing Carver's eyes fixated on the television as Obama was sworn in
and then Carver looked at me
and he grinned
and I cried
and we rejoiced.
Well, you can't really put that into words, can you?


Heather & Adam said...

You just made ME cry! I am so glad you guys got away!

Anne said...


bridget and luke said...

I love that hotel!! I've always wanted to stay there! So funny b/c my husband and I JUST took the train to Glenwood Springs last weekend for a little alone time (so amazing, isn't it?!) It was an awesome trip--I'd highly recommend doing it sometime...the whole package (train, hot springs, hotel) AWESOME! And was that the Rio's enchiladas??? I'm not stalking you, I promise. The painted tables looked familiar...although, my empty glass is usually a margarita! :)

jayme said...

Okay, so I was really hoping to see some pictures of you and David inspired by the big hair theme!

Oh how I miss Colorado. I *love* that train station (it has special significance for Jon and me because our relationship was long-distance for a while, and that train station was the last place we met before we finally lived in the same city).

So glad you guys had some time alone to relax and have fun.