The Mother of all Days

This picture is so funny. It was taken on the last day of school before the holiday break. Do you remember me saying Lily was pretending to be Rudolph? I wasn't kidding. She and her friends are a riot. You're getting this picture because I did not take any new photos today. And with good reason...

I will look back on this day and laugh, I'm sure... in about 20 years. If you read my previous post, you'll see that my day began at 2 am cleaning up puke. A whole trail of it. (sorry if you're trying to eat right now) And my day ended digging through bags of garbage trying to find my lost credit card. That's right. GARBAGE! It had been out in the alley in our cans for a few days, getting all ripe and nasty and I had to dig through it!

Am I secretly being filmed for a reality show? Isn't this the kind of challenge that should score me 100,000 dollars? Truly, it was beyond belief. At about 11:00 this morning I realized I couldn't find my credit card and began searching. Every pocket, purse, blanket, library book, pillow, cushion, mug, towel, and crevice was scoured to no avail. The last time I used it was on Sunday, so I had to figure out where the garbage from Sunday was so I could look through that. Yeah, the garbage from SUNDAY, people! Out in the alley in our trash can.

Because cancelling that puppy is a big deal and a royal pain and I was grasping at straws, hoping it was in the trash.

But no. It wasn't.

Let's see what's on tap for tomorrow, shall we? A slug eating contest? Oh no, how about sewage back flow in our basement? Better yet, my whole family will erupt in boils and we'll have to smear salve on ourselves!

Thank you for letting me vent.


Christina said...


Chatter said...

Wow. I can't compete. Hope tomorrow brings sunshine, happy kids and a credit card staring you in the face.

Vivi said...

Any sign of it yet? Such a bummer to lose things like that!

I have to tell you, I've been "back-reading" your blog over the last several days (in a very non-stalkerish sort of way!) to read more about how your life with your three beauties came to be. I got all teary more than once. One of my favorite posts was Z singing "C is for Cookie"...that laugh is unbelievably infectious!

Deirdre said...

Oh honey. I hope you knocked on a big piece of wood after making all those predictions, because with the kind of days you've been having … well, you just never know