1. Lily loves her rabbit. Pregnancy, though, does not look good on her.
2. Having a husband that works 60 hours a week and is working toward his PhD is impossible. Something needs to give, and we don't know yet what it will be.
3. Cleaning up vomit at 3 am is probably my least favorite thing in the universe. I think every time my kids have thrown up it has been in the dead of night.
4. If you don't go to Target, you will not spend money. Deep down I know this is true, but I'm really putting it to practice this month.
5. You can sneak pureed carrots into lots of recipes and your kids won't know.
6. Doing extra lunges at the end of your workout means you won't be able to walk the next day.
7. The older I get, the more pet peeves I have. I feel ashamed, as if I am less tolerant of people each year.
8. Zinabu does not throw temper tantrums. I just figured this out in the last month or so. Instead, he will argue with you until he is blue in the face. I would take a temper tantrum any day over his constant negotiations.
9. In less than 6 months, we will move into my mom's house. Where did the time go?
10. I wish my minivan could transform into a convertible MG when I am driving alone.

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Chatter said...

This picture is adorable. Yes, pregnancy would not go well with her but boy does her rabbit look comfy. Loving this list Cathy! I could not handle my husband working 60 hours so good luck on figuring that one out. That's tough. Are you excited to move in with your mom? I remember when you originally talked about it, it sounded great. Regarding the arguing with Z, Conner is going through a phase of that right now and it's exhausting. However, screaming makes me crazy so I will definitely settle for the negotiating. Target is awful. However, I made my first trip the other day that I actually involved me walking out with nothing. Absolutely nothing. It felt liberating. Damn that store.

Hope the vomiting has passed. Thank goodness we don't have much of that here.