6:30 am--right before leaving to ski/snowboard for the day.
Lily's first time.
Had a blast.
No one broke a leg. Hallelujuah!


Courtney Orrange said...

where did they go??? did your hubby teach the kids or did they do a lesson? I am taking the kids up this weekend. I don't expect a lot of actually skiing to happen but I want for them to learn this winter and next winter while they are still free. Any helpful tips would be great!~!!!!

cathy said...

David took them to Monarch. We always find a BOGO free coupon so it's not overly expensive. When our kids turn 7, they can have a lesson. Monarch has AMAZING lessons, though I think most ski places do. Carver is a snowboarder, but Lily decided she wanted to ski. By the end of the afternoon, she was taking the lifts with David and skiing down. They had a blast... though David is exhausted!

Just knowing my kids, they wouldn't learn well from us. It was nice to have a 3rd party involved. But I imagine you'll be a great teacher.