Things Around Here

We're getting into a groove at our house. Z is enjoying preschool and beginning to understand he gets to go 4 days a week. Although the oatmeal for snack today was a big downer. For the kid who will eat anything, I guess we can add oatmeal to the list of "no thank you." And what have I been up to with my free mornings? Volunteering at school. This gives me a chance to be with Carver and Lily in their classes, help their teachers, get to know the students, and my favorite: help in the library. Where else can I have non-stop Harry Potter conversations and look cool? The 5th graders love me!

We did not get tickets to Obama's speech tomorrow night. I got a very nice rejection email letting me know we were on a waiting list. I plan to watch it on TV, of course, and I'll have to be content with that. As an Evangelical Christian Democrat, I set off alarm bells at polling booths and profile surveys. But I continue to believe that we can make a difference with poverty, health insurance, peace, and equality.

This is the week David began classes for his PhD. Every Wednesday night, from 4 to 10. He left this morning at 6:45 and Carver--our early riser--said, "See you tomorrow, Dad." Isn't that sad? So to keep us all happy I've dubbed Wednesdays "slob night." We made cookies and had dessert before dinner, and I tossed some baby carrots and bananas on the table in an attempt at a balanced meal. The kids are currently playing computer and we are living the American dream of lazy evenings in front of a screen.

I figure one night a week won't kill us.


Anonymous said...

I lived through the PhD thing myself. I carried our 8 day old daughter to Dad's graduation. It will go by faster than you think. Just an update
We have been home now with our son Haile for 2 months. He is growing like weed. He has put on 8 lbs since coming home. His first bike ride ever was 2 days after coming home and has graduated to no training wheels. He says things like "this is so cool" and "ok, ok, take it easy". We have found a way for him to hear his language on youtube. He loves Pastor Dawit. He used to watch him on tv in Ethiopia. We watch together and he tells me in English what he is preaching about. It is so cool! It makes me sad for my Korean son, that he was too young for me to perserve his language. I too am hoping for change. Obama all the way!

Karen D- one of your pendant buyers.

Orrange said...

we didn't get tickets either. bummer.

Old Men Reflect said...

I agree on the oatmeal. You would think that TWINKIES would be better.