Darling Deirdre!

A little blurry, because Lily took the photo.

I don't know when Z turned into a self-proclaimed rapper, but isn't Sid the cutest?

I finally got to meet one of the sweetest people EVER! Deirdre and Sidamo and Nora met with Z, Lily, and me yesterday at a mall in Denver. Because it has been so hot here, it seemed like every other mom with young children had the same idea. There had to be 2 million children running everywhere. Sidamo was quiet at the beginning, but after 20 minutes with my kids he turned into the spirited little guy Deirdre has always claimed him to be. He is even more darling in real life. Lily, especially, was smitten with him.

I cannot get enough of other people who have adopted from Ethiopia. There is a deep connection there that always warms my heart. And Deirdre is seriously amazing. She had a nursing baby and a wandering toddler and she kept her cool the entire time. Perhaps she was just trying to show off in front of me, but I doubt it. She's an amazing mama.


Stacy said...

are the kids climbing on giant pieces of bacon?

Deirdre said...

We had such a good time! Sidamo keeps talking about his new friend Zibabu. Oh, and you can blame the calm demeanor on total exhaustion—I just can't muster the energy to get worked up! I really enjoyed watching a parenting pro at work. I learned some good stuff about what to do when a little girl tells your kids to get out of the cereal bowl.

cathy said...

Yes, Stacy, that's bacon. The playground is a riot! There's a huge bowl of shredded wheat, eggs, waffles with butter and syrup, and bacon!

Heather & Adam said...

I am so jealous! Love you guys and I can't wait to be able to join you sometime! :)

Cindy said...

How cool! You are most def two of the coolest mamas! :)