Bad Blogger! Bad!

I am a terrible blogger for not updating recently. Did you know that our washing machine has been broken for 6 days? I feel fortunate that everyone had enough underwear to last through the drought of clean clothes. Yesterday the part we needed finally arrived and the appliance repair man (bless him) came and got our washer up and running again. Unfortunately, he was incredibly chatty and after I paid him and gave him all the cues to leave, he kept gabbing away about the benefits of a Whirlpool over a Maytag. Inside I was actually screaming at him, "Don't you know I have 2,000 loads of laundry to do? Get out of here!"

The first day of school was on Monday, and not only am I a bad blogger but I am also a bad mommy because I forgot to take a picture. Admittedly, the novelty wears off when you have a 4th grader, but still... It would have been cute. Too many other things to remember, I guess. School got off to a great start for everyone! And everything was going all right until today when I told our dyslexic child the special education teacher would pull them this morning and give them a spelling evaluation. Child burst into tears and said they are sick and tired of spelling and writing. I don't blame them. They are facing "testing" burn out, but still I'm hoping it won't take too long because she (the teacher) needs those results to figure out where to begin Phonemic Awareness skills. Sigh. Our child was so discouraged, I feel sick.

Zinabu starts pre-school next week, which is another post entirely so I'll save the details. But just know that I am pretty excited to have a few mornings a week to myself.

Hope all of you are doing well!


claire said...

I'm a lurker but when I saw your listing of backyardigans "mission to mars" movie-- I totally cracked up. I have two of the songs running through my head as I type this. Kids-- really kill the cool factor, huh? I should probably work on that. Sounds like you've been down a long road with the testing for your child & working with the schools. Hope that it brings some relief to you both now that you have a plan. Good luck!

Sarah said...

I just realized that I commented as my sister-- I'm on her computer. Its really just sarah.

Deirdre said...

Missed you! Happy first day of school, everyone. Can't wait to hear about Z's preschool adventures.

Anne said...

Thinking of you and all you're going through with the schools. I hope things get into a groove -- having a child feeling so discouraged just sucks. Lots of hugs to all of you.

And six days without a washer must have been horrible. Glad to hear you're rinsing and spinning with abandon again!!