A Little Taste...
of what it's like around here. Zinabu met with his preschool teacher and she gave him a few tests just to see where he's at with letters, numbers, etc. She showed him several pictures of different items and wanted him to color them. I think she was trying to see how he held a crayon, and she also wanted to see if he could correctly identify what color each item should be. Had she shown me the assessment ahead of time, I could have saved her a lot of energy, but she went ahead with Zinabu and here's what she got.

Miss Calisse: Zinabu, what is this? (points to a picture of a banana)

Zinabu: A banana (rolls his eyes like it was a really stupid question)

Miss Calisse: And what color is a banana?

Zinabu: Well, that depends. (insert lots of hand gestures and eyebrow wiggling) When you first buy it at the grocery store, it is usually green because it isn't ready to eat yet and the green bananas have just been picked from the banana trees and they're still hard and don't taste very good. When you bring the banana home and it sits on your counter for a few days, then it turns yellow and it is ripe and ready to eat. That is when bananas taste the best--when they are yellow. Not too dark yellow. A nice light yellow. But when the banana has been sitting around for days and days and it starts to get old, then it turns brown and it gets really mushy and it gets mushy brown spots all over it. It starts to smell bad and it doesn't taste as good because it is almost rotten. So I guess a banana could be green or yellow or brown. Which one do you want me to pick?

Miss Calisse: Uh... whatever one you want.

Me (thinking to myself): Welcome to my world, lady. Welcome.

And that is why Zinabu is going to preschool. Carver and Lily never did preschool because, well, it was expensive and I really didn't see the reason. Zinabu is going to Head Start (free) and it meets at Carver and Lily's elementary school. So they're all in the same building, though Z is only there Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 to 11:00. And if you must know, I really don't want Zinabu to spend every morning this year watching TV. And that's the road we're headed down because I have more on my plate and I need to keep him busy. So no TV, yes preschool, and eveyone is happy.

I leave you with a silly photo of my 3 lovies. They're giving Lily's animals "recess."


Christina said...

I think I almost peed in my pants. When you said Lily's animals, I automatically assumed you were referring to stuffed animals (I forgot about her incessant requests for a pet). So imagine my surprise when it's actual - what are those things, anyway, mice? - on their heads. Absolutely fabulous. Your kiddos are a hoot :).

Deirdre said...

Oh, I can totally picture it. What a goofball! He's nothing if not thorough.

Anonymous said...

Watch out world! Zinabu is embarking on his preschool year. Cathy, I love, love, love your beautiful children. You are the best mom in the U.S. Not partial. Set Ayat

cathy said...

Isn't my mom sweet????

Old Men Reflect said...

Thank goodness the teacher did not ask him what he liked to eat and when. The discourse might have been longer.

Chatter said...

That is awesome!! I love this story. I felt like I was right there watching him. Thanks for the smile :)