Swimming In It!
I'm up to my ears in a mess. We're busy enough that I don't have much time to pick up the debris my kids are trailing behind them all day long. We're hopping from one activity to the next, and all I can do is push the mess farther into the corner. And since I am a bona-fide NEAT FREAK, I can feel the gray hairs trying to pop out of my head in all this. So it was with great delight that I organized my sock and underwear drawer today. It's clean. It's tidy. And no one can mess it up.

That my life has been reduced to such pitiful accomplishments is pathetic.


Anonymous said...

This is not so far-fetched in my house either! I take great delight in the same oddball sorts of things - and knowing that no little person is going to touch it makes it even better!
You made me laugh!
Your niece,

Chatter said...

I feel your pain :)