Bring It!!!

I am home alone for the next several days with the cherubs as David rides off on his mountain bike. So many mountains in Colorado, so little time. David and I are contemplating big changes in the upcoming year, and we are hesitant but optimistic. I hope this is a time of relaxation for D (since it certainly won't be for me) and a time to prepare for what lies ahead...

Are we adopting again, you might ask? I can say with complete certainty that the answer is no. David is starting a doctorate program at the end of August (while keeping his full-and-a-half-time job of assistant high school principal). I am very proud of him, but I dread that for the next 3 years I'll have a mentally stressed-out hubby. And the other news is that we have decided to move in with my mom.

After my dad died, we realized it was very important to her that she not move. She has a beautiful house tucked up against a hillside. It is big, it is lovely, and it holds dear memories of my father. Since she wanted to stay there, but hates being alone, David and I agreed that we would combine our households. For the past year, we had been thinking that we wouldn't move until 2010 or 2011, but financially it doesn't make any sense for us to keep putting money into our own house when we're planning this move. Therefore, we are getting the wheels rolling, and that includes meeting with lawyers to determine how you split a mortgage, define ownership, blah, blah, blah... And we're looking to hire a contractor to do a lot of work on her house before we move in. Like, change the house from a 3 bedroom to a 5 bedroom. The thought of a home renovation scares me a little. Okay, a LOT! This is uncharted territory for me.

Why move in with my mom? Will it be hard? Will we all wind up hating each other? I am not concerned about my relationship with my mom at all--and if you knew my mom you wouldn't be concerned, either. She is practically perfect in every way. The house is laid out well so we will all have lots of space. Also, we truly benefit because we're acquiring a home that we would never, ever be able to afford on our own. Just like the Jeffersons, we're movin' on up! Also, I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to give my children this experience. I want them to honor and respect ALL people, including the elderly. My mom's not elderly now, but you know what I mean. My kids will have their Nana to themselves at all times, and they will have the chance to watch her grow old and to sit under her wisdom. And finally, my mother spent many years giving me all she had. How could I not return the favor?

So let's recap, shall we? A doctorate program, a home renovation, and a move.
Bring it!

***EDIT: Yes, Deirdre, my mom lives in Colorado ;)


Heather & Adam said...

What big news! I think it sounds wonderful. There are many times I wish we could all pile back into my parent's house. It will be great. Now if only she lived just outside of Atlanta. Hehe.
Can't wait to follow this new adventure!

Deirdre said...

Please tell me your mom lives in Colorado. Please? Now that we're officially almost ready for our first date, you can't bail on me! Either way, congrats on the big changes. Wishing you lots of peace and strength through them all. I'm sure it will be nice to have your mom's companionship when David's free time decreases.

Sarah said...

Oh exciting times for you (and the blog!). I think you are the woman--and that means that you can tackle these challenges with great strength and huzzah! Looking forward to cheering you on your journey.

lauren said...

how exciting for you all.
tell dave congrats on the grad program. i'm actually thinking of going into administration myself - i should talk to him about it.
i still have happy memories of your mom's visits to mpls. what a lovely heart she has.
hugs to you all- esp. the "little" ones.

Chatter said...

What exciting news!! You can do it Cathy, I promise. Best of luck and hope the week alone goes well :)

Anne said...

Wow. Wow! That is so super exciting and wonderful. I'm thrilled for you! Bet you can't wait to get started.

Deirdre said...


Heather & Adam said...

Yeah, just flaunt your date, you two. Hehe. ;P

Orrange said...

wowzas! you guys DO have a lot of changes coming up! I think it'll be so great for your kids to grow up with their grandmother. Lots of peace to you all as you go into this new part of life!!!

Cindy said...

Wow! Busy family you are! I hope all goes well with ALL of your new adventures! I think it's fantastic that you are moving in with your mother. I am a firm believer in adult children caring for their parents as they age. Not that you and your mom are at this stage in life, but at least you will be there when it does happen. And to have your kids be able to have that close knit relationship with her will be truly a blessing for everyone. We would love to have my mom move in with us, but dont have the room right now!
Anyway - I look forward to seeing your blog updates as things progress!
Blessings to you and your family!