Report from the Underworld

David thought it would be hilarious great fun to buy a box of smoke bombs for the kids. Guess how many smoke bombs come in a box? 72. Yep... so we'll be lighting these babies off well until Christmas. I took these photos as the smoke was winding down, as they really do put off great clouds of the stuff. There is also a burning, sulfurous, rotten egg smell each time, too, so when you walk by our house I'm sure the odor is fantastic. The 4th of July was a total bust for us (kids falling asleep and begging to go home to bed) so I guess smoke bombs it is for our patriotism this year.

I am recovering from our big trip to Minnesota but gearing up for our next trip tomorrow. I don't do well with this much activity. Seriously. I feel like bursting into tears every five minutes and I'm barking at the kids, which makes me feel terrible. We're going to Glenwood Springs, where there is a humongous (as in an entire city block long) swimming pool with water from the natural hot springs. I know it will be great once we get there, but it's the getting there that is giving me more gray hair and a bad attitude. We will be torturing ourselves camping, so it's the food and the packing and all the what-not that has me jittery. The pool is amazing, though, with huge water slides that are "made to wear the kids out," as the pool website reads. Since all 3 of our kids were born with hidden gills, they will be in heaven.

Other than me being the moody one at home, this is turning out to be a fantastic summer. Our kids have really taken to playing together quite a bit and they're loving each other's company. Yes, they have their moments, but overall they're pretty good friends. Lily is shining in her self-proclaimed role of "activities director" as she corrals the boys and directs them in arts and crafts, trampoline time, and reading books. It's quite funny and sweet all at the same time.

Lily arranging beads.

Carver painting string for necklaces.
I think that summer was made for families to reconnect, as that has surely happened here. It has been so sweet.


Heather & Adam said...

They have paint on the rug!! Ahh, to have kids who don't spill everything they touch. One day...
I hope the camping goes well, and I hope you are feeling refreshed and great when you get home. With minimal bug bites and sunburn!

Deirdre said...

Boys and pyrotechnics—oh, man, what am I in for?? At least the girls are there to keep homemade necklaces in the picture.

Can't wait for our Denver meet-up! I'm thrilled to finally meet all of you in person!!