Silly Ramblings...

Another day, another dollar. Oh wait, I forgot... this "being a mom" thing is all volunteer work. At least I'm the CEO! Here's a little breakdown of today:

1. David is in Cali. and felt the earthquake.
2. Carver had his last baseball game tonight and my mom and I yelled like fools anytime he hit the ball.
3. Zinabu willingly kissed me today. Totally by choice. All on his own. This is the first time he has ever done this!!! I will post more on that tomorrow.
4. Began learning disability testing for "child X" and you all need to completely disregard yesterday's post where I lambasted people for bragging about their kids' achievements because our kid tested at a 12th grade level for comprehension!!!!! Granted, the same child bombed a lot of other areas but we're so happy about that success.
5. I helped Z learn to ride his bike without training wheels.
6. Lily wants to know how much a chinchilla costs. What????
7. There are only 114 days until the next Harry Potter movie is released. Call me a dork, I know.
8. I ate apples with fudge for dinner.
9. Made plans to meet my cyber-blogger buddy Deirdre on Monday. Can't wait.
10. Am currently reading 4 different books. Why do I do this to myself?


Mama Papaya said...

Things changed on this day. Big things. Good things. Happy things. Happy with you.

hotflawedmama said...

awesome...loved the list. speaking of...what books are you reading, I'm wanting to order some good ones.

Deirdre said...

So excited for our date! And what a day you had!! I too would love to hear what you're reading—I'm halfway through about 19 parenting books right now but would love to add something fun to the list.

Mrs. Baker said...

Love the Harry Potter comment....my husband too is obsessed. I find the preview to the movies in my internet history from time to time. He is reading one of the books for like the 5th time as we speak. The stuff is stonger than smoking I swear!