Call me a proud mama, but considering just one year ago Z could drown while wearing a flotation device, I am so, so happy that he's learned to swim. This is our neighborhood pool and lessons are very cheap. The lifeguards are amazing, and all of my kids have had a blast swimming every day.

Keep your eye on the blue slide (on the right) and watch the Ethiopian shoot out of it and swim by HIMSELF to the side. Yippee!!


Leslie said...

Very cool! You can't see his face but I imagine he had a big grin on once he made it to the pool's side.

Mrs. Baker said...

Whoohoo! I laughed at the drown with flotation device because that is why I got Habi in lessons stat....isnt it crazy how much they change in days/months. Its hard to look at Z and think its only been a year....crazy!

Heather & Adam said...

Yay, Z!

Deirdre said...

What a little fishy! You must be so proud!!