Our first year with Z is coming to a close. A year ago right now we were anxiously waiting to travel, and the end of April will mark our one year anniversary of his arrival in America. So Z has experienced just about all you can experience as a 4 year old in the United States. Summer, camping, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day.... all have come and gone and left Zinabu with lots to talk about.

Easter is approaching, and yesterday I was at the mall with Z when he spied the photo-op with the Easter Bunny. He smiled and watched, but I was looking at the scene through Zinabu's eyes. A grown person, dressed up as a bunny, plastic eggs, candy. What a crazy world we live in. I tried to explain the Easter Bunny, and that we're not so big on him at our house. Z was quiet for a minute, and then--with a big frown--asked, "But why don't people call him the Easter Rabbit?"

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Stacy said...

I adore your kid!