Zinabu: "Ahoy, meteors!"
Me: "What?"
Zinabu: "Ahoy, METEORS!"
Me: "It's mateys. Ahoy, mateys."
He's in dress-up mode today. We attacked the grocery store as a Power Ranger, and now he is trying to rip the stuffing out of my couch with a plastic hook. But he's deliriously happy.


Christina said...

Thank you for the laugh! Z is so cute, it makes me long for Little D to be old enough to do stuff like that :), especially after today when he screamed from 4:00 to 6:00 for no apparent reason. So my day was not so great, but reading this post definitely lifted my spirits!

Jim Casperson said...

Ooooh,Ooooh - Now I can get him Buck Rogers Stuff. Avast ye planets and asteroids!!!!!! Ahoy Meteors!!!!!!!!!

Chatter said...

Hilarious! He's too cute :). Hope you were able to get some chocolate in you. I just returned from a late night run for my second dinner at Bk for the large Chicken Sandwich meal and now I'm eating candy. Do I feel any better? Not really but it sure did taste good :)