Back and Rested
We had a wonderful time and I highly recommend San Antonio to anyone looking for a fun city to visit. Even though it has been pretty mild in Colorado, it was balmy in Texas--downright hot on one afternoon. I survived the dreaded plane ride. Our trip there was horrible. Even David--veteran traveler and easy, breezy flyer said, "That flight was awful!" Felt like we were flying through a tornado. The flight back was better. Did I miss the kids? Yep. Did I miss cooking and laundry and giving time-outs and reminders to flush the potty, etc... Not one bit. Here are a few pics from our trip.

We took a day to drive down to the Gulf of Mexico and see the water and sand. We no sooner stepped on the beach (just after high tide) and saw lots of blue "balloon like" items all over. It had just been spring break, so the first words out of my mouth were, "Look at all the condoms!" David, laughing politely, said, "Uh... those are jellyfish."

Windy and warm... but so lovely.

Part of the San Antonio river walk. Absolutely amazing. We ate very well and just relaxed. We waited quite a while for the woman in the yellow shirt to get out of the picture, but gave up.

He looks eager, doesn't he?

In the room of our bed and breakfast.

The exterioir of our bed and breakfast. We were staying a mile outside of downtown, so it wasn't as expensive as a hotel, but we were in this amazing old neighborhood full of mansions. Really swanky mansions that we desperately wanted to move into.

One night we actually went to a movie! We hardly do that anymore these days. We stopped at a candy store and loaded up bags and bags of sugar! With no kids around, it seemed perfectly sinful to have licorice and chocolate for dinner.

No photos allowed inside the Alamo, so we took this spy shot when no one was looking.

Here's me, attempting to show some Texas pride outside the Alamo, but really I think I was still loopy on my airplane drugs.

Me and my honey. Happy 12 year anniversary, babe!

*Disclaimer: These photos and vacation would not be possible without the great sacrifice of Nana, who watched our children for many, many hours. We are forever indebted to her.


Deirdre said...

Look how beautiful and relaxed you look! Glad you're home safe.

James said...

No barbeque?

Tiny's Mom said...

Ooooh, I've always wanted to go to San Antonio-it looks positively beautiful! I'm glad you had a fantastic & relaxing time!

Heather & Adam said...

I LOOOVE these pictures! You look beeeyootiful and relaxed and you both look so happy. Next time come to Atlanta! Heehee.
Nana is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Glad it was a good trip! Rest and relaxation definitely have their place in our lives - few and far between as those places may be! Unca David looks great. And you look like you had fun - especially the incognito Alamo shot.

Anonymous said...

WOW...Twelve years already? My how time flies!!! You all still look like newlyweds! San Antonio looks wonderful & that bed & breakfast looked quite homey! Love the pictures!
Bekka (Engstrom) Weise

Orrange said...

glad you guys had so much fun!

Stacie said...

I love San Antonio! And, I thought that was a condom in the picture - a very pretty one at that. And, the yellow shirt lady - well, I think she really makes the scene. :) Looks like fun!

Kim said...

Hi, Cathy, I've never commented before, but I really love your blog! I'm mom to a toddler boy from Ethiopia... B. joined us in the fall of 2006, and is now 4. It seems our son is cut from the same cloth as Z. He squeezes every last drop out of life!

Is that a prickly pear margarita your husband is drinking?


Chatter said...

I'm so happy you had such a great time. The photo's are wonderful! Glad your travels brought you home safely.