Deep Adoption Discussion

Obviously, our 3 kids have different backgrounds and different events that led them to us. We try to be sensitive to each child's questions, based on how old they are and how much they can actually process at any given time. We are easing into these talks with Z. He really can't remember Ethiopia at all, so it's important that we tread this ground with patience and consistency. I try to drop bits and pieces of Ethiopia into our everyday conversations, so that it's always there--always easy to talk about--always flowing. So tonight's conversation was especially funny. I tucked him into bed and read him the Bible story of Abraham and Sarah praying for a son.
Me: "They had to wait a long time for a son."
Z: "Yeah."
Me: "I prayed for you for a long time too. It was hard to wait, but I'm so glad you're in our family now."
Z: "Moooooooom (drawn out like duh, lady), I had to stay in Ethiopia because I was eating breakfast!"
Me: "It took a long time for you to come to America because you were eating breakfast?"
Z: "Yes!" (accompanied by dramatic eye roll)
Once again, it's all about the food with him.


Deirdre said...

Hilarity! It was kind of him to eventually push his plate back and end your wait.

Mrs. Baker said...

That is too funny!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

oh my gosh, that's just so hysterical! Funny boy. I soooo want to meet you all in real life!

Chatter said...

LOL. He cracks me up. Silly mom, he was just eating breakfast (the court delays didn't really happen).

hotflawedmama said...

That is so hilarious. Perhaps that's how I need to see this adoption as well? :)

Orrange said...

you seriously need to write that one down! he is too funny!