Sports Crazy and Dodging a Bullet

This is a sports weekend. Fortunately for our family, I love sports. Truly, I do. Tonight Colorado College takes on the Univ. of Minn. in ice hockey. David wears his MN sweatshirt, Carver paints his face like a CC tiger, and I hide under the seats and pretend not to know either of them. Tomorrow we go to Carver's soccer game (hopefully at the RIGHT TIME!!!), then head over to the Air Force Academy for the AFA vs. Wyoming football game. We have a friend that plays for Wyoming, and the AFA games are a blast. Then it's off to round two of Colorado College vs. Minnesota on the ice--another hockey game. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous until Sunday, so we're in good shape. We look forward to spending a lot of time together as a family, the great flyovers at the AFA game, the crowds throwing things on the ice... you know, fun stuff like that.

As for dodging a bullet, I consider it nothing short of a miracle that not one of our kids has gotten sick yet this fall. Especially Zinabu. Having no exposure to American colds and flu, I expected him to be sick all the time this fall. But so far so good. I am so grateful. Still, I have the nagging fear in the back of my head that at-any-moment-all-the-kids-will-start-sneezing/vomiting/coughing-at-the-same-time-and-not-stop-for-a-week will hit our family. So I'm crossing my fingers, thinking happy thoughts, and getting ready to cheer loud this weekend.

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jayme said...

Go CC!!! Yay for Carver for recognizing the superior team!

I sooo miss CC Hockey games. One of these days we'll get back to my Alma Mater, and hopefully we'll be able to meet your amazing family!