We had a bit of a blizzard on Sunday. It was great! Once the wind died down, I sent the kids out to play. I had literally just bought Z gloves the day before (as we didn't have any for him yet). It was bitterly cold, so I figured he'd last maybe 15 minutes outside. Well, he sure proved me wrong! After an HOUR AND A HALF I had to drag the kids in to warm up and eat some lunch. They went right back outside again while they gulped down the last bite! The snow is already melted, and it will warm back up to the 70s again in a day or two, but it was fun while it lasted. Looks like I have another snow bunny on my hands!


Orrange said...

We loved it too! I had just bought Sam snow pants the day before as well. Good timing! I can't wait until he's a little bigger though and loves the snow, still a bit unsure on his feet in it.

Heather & Adam said...

You guys have weirder weather than we do! I want some snow! :(

Deirdre said...

What fun! We didn't get any snow pics, unfortunately—by the time I was motivated enough to pull out the camera, the snow had melted.