Hoppin' Back!

So it's been a little wild here at CathyCentral. We got through a crazy weekend and a pet purchase. Lily, our sweet, animal-loving Lily, has been begging, pleading, and more or less agonizing for a pet. She is deathly allergic to cats, so we ruled that out right away. We have debated the dog idea for months now, but in the end felt that it was too much like adding another child to the family, and for me, at least, 3 is enough. We thought about hamsters and gerbils, but they're nocturnal and up all night. Meanwhile, Lily was doing chores EVERY DAY, saving her money for an animal. We pay horribly around here, like 25 cents to sweep or clean, 10 cents to sweep the garage, and 15 cents to do laundry. This bought us a little time, but with her determination she nickeled and dimed her way to 20 dollars. So without further ado, here is Mr. Bun Bun.

Seriously, who's cuter? Lily or Bun Bun? What won me over was that rabbits can be litter box trained! Woo hoo! And he's small and sweet and doesn't make her sneeze.

Only 2 more days till October 12th. Hooray!

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Heather & Adam said...

Lovin' the red blog!
Bun Bun is cute, but I have to go with Lily. Hands down!
Remind me never to work for you guys! haha...