The Zoo
We're still in Washington, D.C, loving on the nation's history and all, but I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to the zoo last week. It was one of those perfect days where we had NOTHING on the schedule, the weather was perfect, and all three kids were in a great mood. (cue angels singing) So off to the zoo we went. We did it all... and the animals were actually up and awake and playing that day. I think the only ones missed were the gorilla mama and her baby because they were sleeping.
Feeding the giraffes. Lily, of course, would not give them their lettuce until she pet them.

In the Budgie exhibit. Carver and Lily holding Popsicle sticks with seed on the ends, trying to get the birds to notice.

Lily the animal whisperer. They can't resist her.

Not an animal whisperer. He stood there for a while and not one bird paid any attention to him.

Zinabu finally gave up getting a bird on his own and just went over to where they were all flocking on Lily.

This picture rocks. Because how many times has Z done this to Lily? And even though he's smiling, he was peeved.




hotflawedmama said...

Love this!!!

Kim said...

I'm loving the photos. She really is quite the animal whisperer. Wow!

Chatter said...

Cracking up at Z & Lily. And you saying even though he was peeved he was smiling. Your kids make me smile so much. Wish we were all meeting up again this summer :(