Get Your Grateful On 
I'm supposed to be packing right now, but why on earth would I be so organized and responsible when I could be sitting at the computer procrastinating?

There are two sites I wanted to direct your attention to, and I hope you enjoy them. First, there is the website with some of the most iconic photographs "ever taken," as they say. I don't believe you can narrow down the most important photographs ever taken to just 40, but of the 40 that were highlighted I have to admit more than a few made me cry. Hard. Go HERE to see them.

I think what amazed me the most as I viewed each picture was that I could relate with the emotions in each image. I don't have to have survived a tsunami to understand the joy of being reunited with my dog... I can feel the joy of that image, knowing the dog's owner had lost everything he owned. But they found his dog. And I didn't have to be alive during the Nazi occupation to understand the devastation of one group of people subjecting another group of people to terror and disgrace and unspeakable horrors. I identify with those pictures because the humanity in me prays for peace and understanding for all people. However, my problems pale in comparison to what many others have endured and seen in their lifetimes. I am incredibly grateful for my life, my family, my everything.

The next website I hope you will visit is HERE. This is Kim, and you will be inspired and riveted by her family and their adoption story. She and her husband hopped aboard the adoption journey and just welcomed two boys into their family. Endale, 7, and Getnet, 8. They've never had kids before. Totally skipped the baby, toddler, and kindergarten seasons of life and went straight to elementary age boys. Kim would be horrified if I painted her as some kind of hero, but I challenge you to try to feel sorry for yourself and your situation after getting to know their life stories over the past few months. It is an honor to read her blog.

And now, I really do have to pack.

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Kim said...

Oh, Cathy. Thank you. Seriously thank you. God's grace and encouraging people like you get us through the day. I think you pretty much rock, too. xoxo