What We're Reading
Hooray for summer reading. I love me some mindless "beach" novels, and I always love to use the summer to read up on budgeting and household organization. (If you did not already know that I am a total geek, I pretty much just confirmed it.) Summertime is the best time for me to evaluate what's working (or not working) in our home with money, schedules, stuff, and lives. Unfortunately, when we were in Washington, D.C., a crazy storm parked itself over our neighborhood and dumped 4 inches of rain and 2 hours of hail. Our poor gutters couldn't keep up and the overflow, runoff, and groundwater went straight into our basement. It was a gigantic mess, and bless my mother's heart she was here all by herself to deal with it. In typical Murphy's Law fashion, our brand new carpet was destroyed but our worn out 15 year old furniture was just fine. Grrrrrrrr. Almost all of our neighbors had flooded basements, too. Even the ones with sump pumps. And we all get new roofs because of so much hail damage. Despite the fact that our house is a mess, it could have been worse and we feel thankful for our blessings. If only insurance would cover the water damage...

I digress. So our house is a mess. The entire downstairs is torn up, and because that is where the kids' rooms are I'm not exactly in a position to determine how things are working in that department. I still love organization books, but until our basement is restored... what's the point?

Right now, David is reading Passage To Power. He is in a league of his own for reading material.

When we were in D. C. I read drivel. It was awesome. Right now I am currently reading the Steve Jobs biography and  seriously reconsidering my iPhone. Jeesh.

Carver is reading faster than I can keep up with. He's on his 7th book this summer, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and he loves it.

Lily is finally reading a little. Together we are reading The Report Card, and I adore it. I will probably write an entire blog post about this book and my thoughts around it.

Last but not least, Zinabu. I got him hooked on some classic Beverly Cleary. Right now he's plowing through Henry and The Paper Route. It's so cute.

Some of you emailed me, wondering which book I read and referred to in my previous post. The book is called Bringing Up Geeks. I highly recommend it, knowing you can take what works for you and leave what doesn't. 

That's what's on our nightstands. How about you?


Kim said...

Love me some Beverly Cleary! Right now I'm reading Grace-Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. I WANT to be reading drivel (like more Janet Evanovich). Maybe next summer....

hotflawedmama said...

Gonna have to check a bit of that out for sure.

so sucks about your house. seriously sucks.

Melodie Monberg said...

I got hooked on David Baldacci a few months ago. I have been hooked on "Zero Days" and can't put it down. I am looking forward reading the Geeks book when I get back. I have a few on hold at the library that I can't wait to get my hands on to.