Not Much To Report
Sorry for the lack of blogging... and the lack of interesting blog posts. I have been sick since April 26. I know this because when I was at the doctor (again) yesterday, they told me that they first saw me for all of this on April 30, and at that point I had been sick for four or five days. I am now on my second (stronger) round of antibiotics and I am PRAYING for an end to all of this. Both Carver and Lily are home sick today, as well. It's hard to know if they're just passing the same virus around or if they're suffering from secondary infections like me. I hate to drop more moolah on co-pays if it's just a virus. I'll see what tomorrow looks like.

This week is the last full week of school for my kid-lets. They have a couple of days next week, and then that's it. Lily is finishing her last year of elementary school. Next year she will be in middle school. When Carver was at this stage in life I was a nervous wreck. With Lily it just feels normal. She has struggled hard this year and I honestly have no expectations for what next year will look like. I have my hopes and dreams for her, but I have to let go of them and just stick to what will be best for her. Again, I'll see what tomorrow looks like.

Zinabu is blazing through second grade and can. not. wait. for. summer. He is salivating like a dog at dinner time. The past few weeks his class has been studying Africa and his teacher and I both asked him if he would like to bring in some of our items from Ethiopia to share. We couldn't even finish the sentence before he gave a resounding, "NO!" He hates attention on him. I don't think it's so much that he's embarrassed about his adoption, he just hates the extra spotlight on his life. At home, he loves to talk about Ethiopia... but anywhere else he's very tight-lipped. I wish this were different. Anyone else's adopted kids do this? Maybe in the future he'll relax a little more. Once more, I'll see what tomorrow looks like.

David is running around like a crazy man. May is the toughest month for a high school principal. There are at least two events each evening he has to be at, and he's scared to death of getting sick--again. He was sick two weeks ago but I think he's nervous it's coming round to get him again. He just can't afford to be sick. He will have to wait and see what tomorrow looks like.

Here are my goals for the rest of this week:
Get my sense of smell back.
Get my sense of taste back.
That my ears would unclog and I could hear again.
Oh yeah, and not cough all day and night.

That's not too much to ask, is it?


hotflawedmama said...

blurg. i don't like that at all. that is crazy!!!!

Mark and Sarah said...

Darn. What a horrible few weeks you've had. Hope this round of antibiotics kicks it and that everyone in your family is healthy soon!! Ashen is also not talkative about Ethiopia in public, but loves to talk about it (with pride) at home. He hates the spotlight and I imagine things like this that make him "different" are not something he likes to emphasize. Hopefully our boys will grow to say it loud and proud...in time.