Last Days of School
My super tactile child getting some shaving cream on his desk to "clean" it. 

One super, happy, fascinated kid.

Last day of elementary school... forever and ever.

Ok, here's the story. When Carver was in 1st grade he had Mr. Watson (above in the safety vest) as his teacher. At the end of the year Carver wanted to buy him a squirt gun for an end of the year gift. Being the cool mom that I am, I said sure. Well, Mr. Watson made sure to squirt my kids with it often. In fact, when we still lived across the street from the school, Carver and Lily and later Z would fill up water guns, sneak down to his classroom at the end of the year, and ambush him. It has become a tradition. Always on the last day of school, too. Well, Mr. Watson was Lily's 5th grade teacher this year, and even though Carver doesn't attend elementary school anymore he was determined to keep the tradition alive. He waited behind the tree while poor Mr. Watson thought I was taking pictures of Lily. 
You can see Carver got him square in the face! A pretty big water fight ensued, and I love Mr. Watson so much for playing with my kids and not caring at all that he had soaking wet clothes for the better part of his morning.

I am still in denial about school being done for the year because we have a lot of change coming our way in August. That's another post entirely... one for a day when I don't mind using an entire box of tissues. Needless to say, though, we ended the school year on a high note!


hotflawedmama said...

last day of elementary. sniff, sniff

Carlyn Girl said...

I love cool teachers!