David has strep throat. I believe this proves we have a strong marriage. I also want to make sure he is never left out, so he gets antibiotics as well. We are strep buddies, through and through.

Unfortunately, I still had a fever on Monday morning and when I tried to check in for my surgery they turned me down. I was extremely bummed. Actually, I pretty much lost it. I was nervous about the procedure to begin with, and I'd bottled up all the stress. On top of that I'd been really sick and a mess for several days prior, so I was not in a "happy place" when the nurse sent me home.

Fortunately, Carver's room looked like a bomb had gone off. Fortunate for me because all I need is a good cleaning spree to get my brain centered again. After that I felt better. I'll have to reschedule my knee surgery (maybe September?), but I can't say I'm eager.

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Old Men Reflect said...

If you get it done at Swedish Hospital, do it on Friday. They have Sloppy Joes for lunch.