It's the first day of August and I'm already crossing items off my to-do list. Not bad. Granted, they were the two easiest. I could just sit here at my computer and do them, but still. They're done. And how interesting to install a computer filter and then spend the last hour trying to access porn. Good to know I couldn't get anything and the filter is doing its job. I feel much better about my kids' screen time now. Honestly, I should have done this years ago. Here's the list.
  • Apply for Zinabu's Certificate of Citizenship. For my ramblings on this, go here. And I said no judging.
  • Update our will and trust. 
  • Fix the broken window in our basement. Long story, but it's a double-paned window and only the inner pane is broken so it's been easy to put off.
  • Install some kind of filter on our computer to keep the porn away. We supervise computer use, but you never know what will creep in. Did I ever tell you about the time I was looking up a recipe and wound up at a "Girls, Girls, Girls" site? Yeah. A recipe, for Pete's sake. It grosses me out.
  • Finish organizing our digital photos on our computer. I started but have a bit more to do.
  • Create memory boxes of my kids' elementary school years. I have the piles. I just need to put them in something in a year-by-year format.
  • Craigslist the kid stuff we no longer need but could get some money from. Like our B.O.B jogging stroller and North Face sleeping bags. 
  • Go to the new IKEA that just opened. {OK, kidding.}
  • Update my address book. You know, all the torn out return address labels from holiday cards that are held together by a rubber band and stuck haphazardly in my desk. I need to clean that up.

We've been reading some great biographies around here. 

There are a lot of wonderful books about Anne Frank, and of course her diary, but we started with a very simplistic overview of her life. Carver is fascinated with World War 2 (because he is 12 and he is a boy) so he knew a lot of the war details, but it was great to introduce the kids to such a remarkable young girl--who was not so different from them--and the details of what happened to her and her family. We also read a great little biography of Jesse Owens, whose story at the Olympics in Germany piggy-backed the Anne Frank story. Great books. Up next we have Benjamin Franklin and African American Inventors.


Laura said...

What filter did you install? Just curious. We need to do the same thing, but you know, procrastinating!!!

Colorado Viking said...

Hey Laura. I used NetNanny. Super easy. About 26 bucks for the year. You can buy it online, they email you the software, and you install it. Easy peasy.

Phoenix Peacock said...

I just found you through another blog... and I'm guessing you are somewhere near the heart of Colorado since there has been SO much fuss around here over the new Ikea! ha.
I'm super excited I found you because I work with adoptive families and hope to one day soon have my own adoptive and multicultural family!