Hooray For Me! (And You!)
All the items I have been procrastinating over for so long are falling by the wayside. I am seriously impressed with myself, and with you. Lots of you are tackling your own lists and it is so cool. I should have added more items to my original list, but I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew so I kept it simple. But if September rolls around and I still have a fire under my bum, I'll make a new list and keep going. However, let's stay in the moment, shall we? Want to see my progress?

  • Apply for Zinabu's Certificate of Citizenship.  (You cannot possibly imagine the joy I feel at this one. It has been plaguing me for 3+ years. It was not easy, and I fully expect the Dept. of Homeland Security to reject our application because of paperwork being wrong. I did the best I could, but the instructions are somewhat vague. But at least I've started.)
  • Update our will and trust. 
  • Fix the broken window in our basement.
  • Install some kind of filter on our computer to keep the porn away. 
  • Finish organizing our digital photos on our computer. I started but have a bit more to do.
  • Create memory boxes of my kids' elementary school years. I have the piles. I just need to put them in something in a year-by-year format.
  • Craigslist the kid stuff we no longer need but could get some money from. Like our B.O.B jogging stroller and North Face sleeping bags. 
  • Go to the new IKEA that just opened. {OK, kidding.}
  • Update my address book. You know, all the torn out return address labels from holiday cards that are held together by a rubber band and stuck haphazardly in my desk. I need to clean that up.
All that's left is the will and trust, the jogging stroller (which needs to have the brake fixed), and the address book. I'll get to the will and trust this week, and I hope to get to the jogging stroller after that. The sleeping bags I put on Craigslist sold in an hour, by the way. The most painless transaction ever. I hope your lists are disappearing just as quickly!

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Nicely done!