The Perfect Day
I almost took my kids to the art museum today, but after thinking about it I decided they needed to be outside, having good, old-fashioned fun. The weather was just right: partly sunny and balmy. We found a phenomenal trail, and had--quite possibly--the perfect day.
At the trail head. The three musketeers.

The hike followed a creek bed straight up a canyon.

Lots of bridges.


At the top of the trail at the waterfall.

The water was so shallow but actually full of fish. My kids more or less terrified them
for the better part of two hours. No casualties, though.

They look so cute!!! And yes, those are the nets from the infamous yard sale.

Z played on the rocks the entire time.

I did not feel one bit guilty that I had a tomato and homemade pesto sandwich while the
kids had peanut butter and jelly.

What makes me a mom.

Flying leap.

A total miracle: no one's shoes got wet.

Please stop growing, Lily. Just stop!


Old Men Reflect said...

Kids don't like tomato and pesto.
(Keep thinking that)

Bridget said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

hotflawedmama said...

mmmmm tomato and pesto.

also, that happens so often with me. one day i'll have this awesome day of museums, etc and they'll be "eh" on it. then i'll just decide we go do something like this and they talk about nothing but for months.

you're an awesome mom.

you should also know your word verification was "colon" this time.

jayme said...


Chatter said...

Wow! That is just beautiful. Every time I try to come with terms with Oklahoma I'm reminded of all the reasons we NEED to move to Colorado.

And your sandwich looks delicious!

Vivi said...

Love days like that. Oh, and your sammy looks soooo yummy.