Wrap Up
Wow. The past four days felt like 400. I can't remember a weekend where I was more sleep deprived and more over committed and more crazed about keeping David off his feet and out of the hospital.

First and foremost, I'll start with an update on David. He saw his surgeon last week and the doctor was stumped about the blood clot. David did everything right, is healthy as a horse, and had no underlying risks that would have led to complications. The doctor did say that since he's been practicing in Colorado, he's seen more blood clots post surgery than in any other place he's worked. So maybe it's the thin air. Who knows. But David felt better knowing it wasn't his fault. His leg was still very bad on Thursday and Friday... and for a while on Thursday night (during the sleepover) I was afraid I would be taking him back to the ER. But he's good now. He did a great job staying off his feet this weekend and there is a remarkable difference in how his leg looks and feels. Unfortunately, not only does David have delinquent veins, but he has delinquent and stubborn blood. The doctors put him on blood thinners to stop the clot from growing. A normal person's blood thickness (for lack of a better description) is at a 1. The doctor's want David's blood to be at a 2 or a 3. Last week he got to 1.4, then 1.7, and then he regressed to a 1.6. Go figure. So they upped his meds even more and I continue to give him shots in the stomach both morning and night. Poor guy. To add to his annoyance with life in general, he has jury duty today.

Lily's slumber party was a roaring success. I base that on how terrible I felt the morning after. The worse the mama feels, the better the party. Right? The girls came over about 6:00. The table was set and Lily was pretty excited.
Table is set and ready
The menu
Beads and cupcakes--perfection

Dinner was a mystery. We pretended it was Lily's Diner, and the menu was in code. The girls didn't know what they were getting until I brought it out. Cupcakes were yummy and devoured.
Lily's best friend forever and ever
Chocolate frosting on Evelyn
After dinner, the girls made necklaces and bracelets with all the beads we had on hand. They watched a movie and danced to music. And had more energy than I knew what to do with. They stayed up extremely late. And yes, I was that mother who wound up standing outside the room they were all in and told them to shut up and go to sleep. I slept about 3 hours that night.

Friday was prom. We went. Enough said.

The rest of the weekend was amazing. We were blessed with 80 degree weather and sunshine. We rode bikes and went to a friend's cabin in the mountains and played basketball and dug in the dirt and had company and planted flowers and grilled and laughed and decompressed.
Carver eating outside before he ran away from the bee
What a complete ham
Lily and our neighbor's dog. Lily is such good friends with all the dogs in our neighborhood
they come to our house when they hear her voice.

I hope your weekend was just as amazing.


Chatter said...

Glad to hear David is doing better. The decorations and menu are fabulous for Lily's party. And could Carver's curls be any cuter? Your kids are too precious! Thanks for the updates :)

jayme said...

Every time you post anything, I feel this compelling need to tell you how much I adore your entire family. I'm so glad that David is doing better and being such a great sport about it all. And I'm dying for you to reveal the mysteries of Lily's Diner...

Melodie Monberg said...

The party looked amazing...just might have to steal that idea (and menu please?) for a little someone's birthday coming up in a few months! Fabulous!!!

hotflawedmama said...

I'm with Jayme. After this post all I could think is "will you be my mom?" I'm sure you're exhausted but that will go down in the record books for sweet Lily!

Vivi said...

Hope David recovers fully soon and you can put all this "shots to the hubs stomach" behind you!

My parents did a mystery dinner for me one bday and it was hands down the BEST birthday ever. We actually ordered two or three things from the mystery list for each "course" (and the list included utensils!). So, you might order a plate of spaghetti, a beverage, and dessert for your main course...imagine the laughs eating spaghetti utensil-free...oh, and the mess. I bet it was a huge hit with the girls and a party that none of them will ever forget.

cathy said...

That's so funny, Vivi. My mom did the same for me. The dinner was in courses that you had to order, and utensils were not provided unless you ordered them. I LOVED it. However, for Lily's party I was pretty much on my own and didn't think I could pull that off by myself. Hence the pre-selected food. But I love that you had the same experience I did. So funny.