Lily's Mystery Diner Menu
For those of you who asked.

Each girl had a menu at her place setting, and it looked like this:
Fluffy Pillows
Little Logs
Rolling Pebbles
Squishy Fruit Soup

Fairy Bread
Rabbit Snacks
Heart Fruit
Red + Yellow
Little Italy
Old McDonald's Lunch

Cake for a Cup

I brought out the appetizers first, then moved on to dinner when they were ready. The food is as follows: fluffy pillows = a pink marshmallow. (I know... sugary and not really an appetizer but c'mon. It was a birthday party.) Little logs = pretzel sticks. Rolling pebbles = Kix cereal. Squishy fruit soup = applesauce. Fairy bread = mini muffins. Rabbit snacks = carrots. Heart fruit = strawberries. (I cut them into heart shapes.) Red + Yellow = mandarin oranges. Little Italy = little cheese pizza pieces. Old McDonald's Lunch = chicken nuggets for the meat eaters. Obviously, Cake for a cup was cupcakes.

For the most part, I made these up based on food I had in my pantry and what I knew I could buy but that every one would like. If you choose to use a menu like this for your own parties, just plan the food then come up with interesting names for it. Lily's friends are all in 4th grade and some are approaching the "I'm too cool for anything" life stage. But they all LOVED this dinner. It was a lot of fun.


hotflawedmama said...

Can you feel me bowing down to you over here? Mmmmk

jayme said...

I love love love this!