Off They Go
These are the letters
that are going in the mail
to eight of the sweetest women
who helped me through
and life.

In about six weeks, these eight women will be coming to Colorado to visit me. I am so excited I could bust!


hotflawedmama said...

fairly certain no one is as excited as I am! :)

6 weeks!

rebekah said...

No me! No me! I'm more excited! Plus, I can't wait to see what's in those envelopes...

Mark and Sarah said...

I'm the excited-est!! Counting down the days...I think I'll make a paper chain!!

Chatter said...

Nope, I've got you ALL beat :) I can NOT wait!! I am screaming EEEEEEKKKK in my head as I type this. Woohoo :)

jayme said...

i am the very most excited of all. and i am especially excited about how excited everyone else is.

rebekah said...

Well I am screaming EEEKKKK out loud which proves I am the most excited.

Chatter said...

Cathy, I love the letter you sent out. It makes me smile :) I have a small sleeping bag I'm planning on packing in my carryon (it won't be a problem). And I can crash anywhere so don't stress about sleeping arrangements. We are going to have SO much fun!!!!!!