Why am I okay about the fact that I am eating Japanese noodle soup at 9:30 in the morning?

Because my youngest often goes through the day with no underwear.
Because my oldest told me at the very last minute that his science project needs to measured by meters, not inches.
Because my middle thinks she is getting a horse for Christmas.
Because my husband will be gone for 15 hours today.
Because the dog has maple syrup in his fur.

Do I really need an excuse?


Deirdre said...

I hope you put some sake in that soup!

jayme said...


Is it a bad sign that I find none of these things out of the ordinary? I've gotten to the point where my "breakfast" either consists of last night's leftovers, or extra of whatever I'm making my kids for lunch. Japanese noodle soup sounds fantastic any time of day!

My kids have perfected the kris kross backwards pants look, and today my daughter came home with a split open chin and bloodstained shirt which she refused to tell anyone about because she didn't think they'd have the "right" band-aids.

Tonight, I started to make dinner, only to realize that I had no wine (which was a major component of the recipe). I dragged my kids to the store to buy said wine, and got several odd looks as my daughter did cartwheels down the chianti aisle. By the time we were ready to leave the store, I could barely wait to get home so that I could *DRINK* the wine. ugh!

We need a retreat. asap!

Old Men Reflect said...

Contact the boy scouts or cub scouts and see if you can rent one of their camps. The camp in Black Forest by Elizabeth would be perfect. Cabins with camp grounds right next to it and showers and kitchens and indoor facilities.
I called the one in Elizabeth " Camp Walk-a-Lot". Casey loved it. I hated it- no smoking - no drinking.

Vivi said...

Thank you for the laugh. And if soup is your crutch, indulge girl. Indulge.